Christoph Baudson

Lives in Bonn, Germany. By day, software developer at REWE Digital GmbH. By night, see below.

Currently enthusiastic about Domain Driven Design and Working Out Lout.


Sustainable Pace

Well-being, curiosity and experiments.

The humble developer

Journaling things learnt along the way.

Local engagement

Domain Driven Design Cologne/Bonn

Organizer of a Domain Driven Design meetup in Cologne, Germany.

Bonn Agile Meetup

Co-organizer of an agile, software craftsmenship and tech meetup in Bonn, Germany.

Filmfreunde Bonn

Organizer of a meetup for movie lovers in Bonn, Germany.

Creative work

The Tempolimits

The band no longer exists. I was a singer, guitarist and songwriter.